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Browse our menu and try one of our unique dishes made using only the freshest ingredients. Let Wok and Roll help you make your next night in the best possible.

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with crunchy vegetable and pineapples




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  • It is very sad and disappointing that your food is of this quality. I never expected such a thing. I had friends over and we're all so disappointed. The stir fry beef is the worst I've ever seen in my life, it has no beef inside, it was only dry dough. You should change the Chef you're using. I will never order again from you, neither my friends.


  • The food from W&R is always good, but they've messed up their ordering! We ordered a portion of rice for each of the dishes we ordered, and the rice came in the same box as the portion of food, all covered in the sauce! We like to order different dishes for different members of the family, so we can share. Much easier if we can order our rice, noodles, etc. separately from the sauce dishes!


  • Excellent food


  • Very disappointed in our meal, took nearly an hour and a half, was missing a curry sauce, the one we did get was more like flavoured water and the chilli and garlic chips had no chilli in it at all


  • They delivered order over an hour early & almost left it on our door step! By the time we arrived home at 7:15 (order was for 7:25) the food was stone cold. Complained & got nowt


  • We thought we would try somewhere different and we were not disappointed, the squid was lovely and loads of it, maybe they could change their chips but apart from that we will definitely be returning


  • chow mein and kings prawn in hoisin sauce were good but duck and pineapple tasted like a dead donkeys arse


  • Excellent meal delivered by friendly driver


  • Good portions excellent service


  • The food was good but they missed out a dish. I have been refunded and promised a free one next time so we will see. watch this space.


  • Excellent Meal Good Portions delivered Freshly Cooked By Friendly and Polite Driver


  • This was the worst Chinese I've ever had!!


  • Excellent Meal Delivered by very Politeand Friendly driver


  • Excellent meal friendly delivery very satisfied customer


  • Being a returning customer usually speaks for itself. It suggests previous satisfaction or even more than that, especially if the eatery under review had never failed to please. It would therefore be fair to say that this time we experienced something like those film scenes whereby the one gets slapped on the face after an inviting smile. Our 'regular' dishes were hardly recognisable : greasy rice (originally meant to be fried), mushy king prawns, soggy chinese cabbage plus an overcooked duck in an (evaporated) orange sauce and all of this following the princely sum of £23 which evaporated (through cyberspace) from our pockets. Not likely to return there in the foreseeable future unless the memories of this disappointing meal evaporate first. C.C., Oxford